Privacy Policy

Last Updated 05/04/2020

ELYAH Co., Ltd.'s ("Company") handling and processing of personal data listed in Clause 2 below ("Personal Data") of Customers ("Customers") is as follows:


Our Company manages the website elyah.io (hereinafter “Website”) according to the terms of this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) was created to help you understand why and how Company uses your information, and the rights and choices you have in this regard. Company wants to ensure that, no matter how you use our services, you are empowered to make real choices about your information.


1. What This Policy Covers

1. 本ポリシーの保証範囲

Our Company aims to provide you with a unique and personalized experience when you interact with our Services, which includes using this Website and in any way, using, transmitting, downloading, or uploading any of the services, products (including but not limited to the Quantum IDE called “WORKBENCH”), software, or functionality (collectively referred to as the “Service”) made available or enabled via the Website by Company, or merely browsing the Website.


This Privacy Policy applies where we are acting as a data controller with respect to the personal data of our websites visitors and Service users; in other words, where we determine the purposes and means of the processing of that personal data. Please only use the Services after you have carefully read and understood this Policy and other applicable terms. In using the Website or Services you represent that you understand the contents of this Policy, and that you consent to our collection, use, transfer and retention of information about you as described herein.

本プライバシーポリシーは、当社ウェブサイトへのビジター及び本サービスのユーザーの個人データに関するデータ管理者として当社が活動させていただく場合、言い換えれば当社がかかる個人データの処理目的及び方法を決定させていただく場合に適用されます。 本ポリシー及びその他適用条件を良くお読みになり、ご理解いただいたうえで、本サービスをご利用下さい。本ウェブサイト又は本サービスを御利用いただく際、貴社は、貴社が本ポリシーの内容をご理解いただいていること、本書に記載された貴社に関する情報を当社が収集、利用、譲渡及び保有することに同意していただいているということを表明します。

2. Personal Data that is Collected

2. 収集された個人データ

Our Company may acquire the following Personal Data from our Customers:


  1. Name and Address Details


  2. Gender


  3. Occupation, Company Name, Company Address


  4. Phone Number


  5. Email Address


  6. User Name and Password


  7. Online Identifiers such as Cookies, IP Address, Login Frequency


  8. Location Information


  9. Details Regarding How Customers Use the Website and Services


  10. Content Created Using the Website Services (Including any content that is written by customers using the Quantum IDE Service called “WORKBENCH”)


  11. Customer Communications, Feedback, and Bug Reports


3. Purpose of our Company’s Handling/Processing of Personal Data

3. 当社の個人データ取扱/処理の目的

The Purpose / Basis for which we collect and handle/process Personal Data are as follows: Purpose Basis Performance of contract or handling applications from Customers for our Company's Services. • Customer consent • It is necessary for performance of a contract or in order to take steps prior to entering into a contract. Provision of information (Company Products / Introduction for Services, Important Notifications Regarding Company Services) • Customer consent • It is necessary for performance of a contract or in order to take steps prior to entering into a contract. • It is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by Company. Marketing • Customer consent • It is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by Company. Customer service, Communication (includes handling complaints) • Customer consent • It is necessary for performance of a contract or in order to take steps prior to entering into a contract. • It is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by Company. Analysis of our website access • Customer consent • It is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by Company. Response to surveys based on laws and regulations from public institutions • It is necessary for compliance with legal obligations to which Company is subject. Analyze the use of the Website and Services and to undertake service improvement, research and development, and to monitor and improve our Website and Services • Customer Consent • It is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by Company. Prevent fraudulent transactions, monitor against theft, and protect against criminal activity; • Customer Consent • It is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by Company.

当社が本個人データを収集、取扱、処理する目的/根拠は、以下の通りです。 目的 根拠 当社の本サービスに関する契約の履行     ・本顧客の同意 及び本顧客からのお申込の取扱い        ・契約の履行又は契約締結前の措置を講じるために必要である。 情報提供(当社の製品/本サービス    ・本顧客の同意 についての説明、当社の本サービスに     ・契約の履行又は契約締結前の措置 関する重要な通知)               を講じるために必要である。 ・当社が達成しようとする正当な利益の目的のために必要である。 マーケティング    ・本顧客の同意            ・当社が達成しようとする正当な利 益の目的のために必要である。 本顧客サービス、コミュニケーション    ・本顧客の同意 (苦情処理を含む)              ・契約の履行又は契約締結前の措置                  を講じるために必要である。        ・当社が達成しようとする正当な利 益の目的のために必要である。 当社ウェブサイトへのアクセスの分析    ・本顧客の同意        ・当社が達成しようとする正当な利 益の目的のために必要である。 公共機関の法令に基づく調査への対応      ・当社が対象となる法的義務を順守するために必要である。 本ウェブサイト並びに本サービスの利用分析及び ・本顧客の同意 サービス向上、リサーチ並びに開発の実施、及び   ・当社が達成しようとする正当な 当社の本ウェブサイト及び本サービスの監視    利益の目的のために必要である。 並びに改良 不正取引の防止、窃盗の監視及び犯罪行為に    ・本顧客の同意 対する防御                   ・当社が達成しようとする正当な                           利益の目的のために必要である。

4. Additional Data Handling / Processing

4. 追加データの取扱/処理

In the event of Personal Data processing for a purpose other than the purposes outlined above, our Company will notify Customers in advance of the new handling/processing purpose and other terms as required by applicable law.


5. Transfer of Personal Data

5. 本個人データの譲渡

Our Company may store Personal Data acquired from Customers on Company’s servers or the cloud. Our Company will manage Customer’s Personal Data appropriately.


6. Cookies

6. クッキー

Our Company uses Cookies on our website that is used by Customers. Cookies are information stored on Customers' computers by the browser when using the website. Please see our "Terms of Use" regarding details about our use of Cookies and their purpose.


7. Rights Relating to Personal Data

7. 本個人データに関する権利

Customers have the following rights with regard to their Personal Data

1. The right to access Personal Data related to the Customer

2. The right to seek corrections to inaccurate Personal Data related to the Customer without undue delay.

3. The right to request deletion of Personal Data related to the Customer without undue delay.

4. The right to request restrictions on the handling/processing of Customer’s Personal Data.

5. The right to receive the Customer’s Personal data in a general computer readable format and to transfer such data to the management of other organizations without interruption or interference.

6. The right to object the handling/processing of Customer’s Personal Data for the purpose of public, Company, or third party interests and marketing.

7. The right to withdraw consent regarding handling/processing of the Customer’s Personal Data.

8. The right to make a complaint to a supervisory authority.


1. 本顧客に関する本個人データへのアクセス権

2. 不当な遅延なく本顧客に関する不正確な本個人データの訂正を求める権利

3. 不当な遅延なく本顧客に関する本個人データの削除を求める権利

4. 本顧客の本個人データの取扱/処理に対する制限を求める権利

5. 一般のコンピューターで解読可能なフォーマットで本顧客の本個人データを  受信し、中断又は妨害なくその他組織の管理部にかかるデータを送信する権利

6. 公共、当社又は第三者利益及びマーケティングのために本顧客の本個人データの取扱/処理に異議を唱える権利

7. 当社の本個人データの取扱/処理に関する同意を取り消す権利

8. 監督機関に苦情を申し立てる権利

8 Contact for Inquiries

8. 問合せ連絡先

For any questions, complaints, or if you wish to exercise your rights described in the above clauses, you may contact us at: 【Personal Data Inquiry Support】

ELYAH Co. Ltd.
Motoazabu, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0046

Mail Address: [email protected]

ご質問、お困りごと又は上記条項の貴社の権利を行使したいとご希望される場合は、下記にご連絡下さい。 【本個人データお問合せサポート】


Eメールアドレス: [email protected]

9. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

9. 適用法令の順守

Our Company shall comply with General Data Protection Regulations and related laws regarding the handling/processing of Personal Data and shall follow the guidelines of the relevant jurisdiction’s government agency and industry.


10. Retention Period

10. 保有期間

Our Company will retain Personal Data for as long as necessary for provision of services and information to Customers. Personal Data that is no longer needed will be appropriately deleted and disposed of promptly.


11. Safety/Security Management Measures

11. 安全/セキュリティー管理措置

Our Company utilizes organizational and technical security management measures in order to appropriately manage Personal Data.


12. Data Collection Using External Services

12. 外部サービスを利用したデータ収集

Company may change this Policy at any time if it utilizes any data collection using external services. When Company changes the Terms at its sole discretion, it will announce such changes in advance on the Website. For any changes to the Policy that may be disadvantageous to you, Company will require you to you to provide consent to the updated Policy in a specified manner before further use of the Service.

当社は外部サービスを利用することによりデータ収集する場合、本ポリシーを変更することができます。 当社は,当社の裁量により本ポリシーを変更する場合には予め本ウェブサイトによって公表いたします。当社は,顧客に不利になる本ポリシーの変更については、顧客に対して,本サービスの使用を許可する前に,特定の方法において,アップデートされた本ポリシーへの同意を求めるものとします。

13. Changes to our Privacy Policy

13. 当社プライバシーポリシーに対する変更

Our Company may revise this Privacy Policy by publishing the revised Privacy Policy on our website without providing notice to individual Customers.